Founded in 2001 and based in VT, MyRec.com is dedicated to providing the tools to manage recreation departments from registrations to rosters.
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Recreation Software Basics

MyRec.com offers a fully-featured, web-based, recreation management software that is both easy-to-use and growing to meet new needs as they arise. We support everything from basic program entry to complex activities with daily, weekly, or monthly online registrations and more.

This budget-friendly software can help reduce your paperwork and increase office efficiency by offering your public a wide range of information at their fingertips. From activity entry to team management and analytics to detailed financial reports, we can simplify your workload to a single management system that automatically updates your online presence at your unique domain.

Something for You - Something for Them

Your public will be able to quickly locate information on recreation programs, team sports schedules, announcements, facilities, meetings, and much more all on their own. You'll be able to manage programs, team sports, rosters, online registration, facility scheduling, and more without the use of spreadsheets.

All of this ties in with your MyRec.com website in real time. Our date sensitive entry system will automatically remove "out of date" activities from your recreation website and place them in an archived area so you can bring them back next year (or season).