Features: Program Management


  • Online Registration (option for form creation, to then process payment)
  • Program & Activity Creation and Management with Age, Gender, and Grade Restrictions
  • Wait Lists and Seat Caps
  • Sponsorship/Donation Style Activities
  • Team Management and Coach Assignment
  • Public Instructor Access to Rosters, Email Addresses, Team Management, etc.
  • Team Sport Standings, Scores, and Schedules
  • Automated Age, Grade, Date, Sibling, Multiple Activity, and Promo Code Fees/Discounts
  • Scheduling Conflict Detection
  • Expense Assignments
  • Customized Questions and Disclaimers
  • Registration Cancel and Transfer Utilities
  • Bulk Credit Utility for Canceled Days
  • Cart Hold Report
  • Basic and Advanced Rosters
  • Sign In and Attendance Sheets including Digital E-Attendance
  • Seat Count Reports
  • After School & Camp Setups
  • Recurring Payments
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Special Disclaimers

Program/Activity Creation Guide